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Islamic State Merely Cruel?


Watching the t.v. show of democracy: as the spiritual force reaps another biblical masterpiece.

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Moloch and His Freedom Crusade

Marking the troops for inappropriate sacrifice.


Reluctantly the priest mocks God knowing the doctrinal outcome of the Americanist gospel.
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You know who you are. You know what you do. I am not your pimp nor john, no matter how much you whores beg.



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More Fun With Postmodern Dolts

  • Your car rules!
    Sent 11:20pm
  • ha! That is my cousins car! but I thought it was awesome. I told him we are definitely going to cruise thru the north side listening to Nelly in it, lol!
    Sent 11:32pm
  • I have always thought it odd that such was associated with Blacks.
    Sent 11:33pm
  • I suppose the impression has merit though.
    Sent 11:34pm
  • Hmmm…I think saying “blacks” is considered somewhat racist.
    Sent 11:34pm
  • You are a wretched spawn.
    Sent 11:36pm


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Race Complex and Phobia

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To Al-Shabaab, Al-Queida, Hamas,The Muslim Brotherhood and Boko Haram. Great job that you are doing for both God and satan (although no duality understand), destroying by wrath and for gain. In a post-Christian civilization who is to fight? As false Christians line-up to die a postmodern martyr –suicidally– in their Ecumenism. Headed to Rome, in hopes of Rapture or Armageddon. Jews will you save the Emergent Church from apostasy? As post-Protestant — postmodern ‘Evangelical’ — Ecclesial Community coward prey run to the damned by God –Catholic & Orthodox (not themselves)– from themselves, damned by the devil’s contract. Race the great loophole of satan as African Protestants (mostly in name only) learn the hard way that the Universal Church including its systems was no White imperialism. Indians still baptized Catholic on the reservation. Mid-East Christian and assorted Asians guided by ‘progressive’ Whites, some still wearing their pagan self as if Whites were inherently Christian due to their race. While the West re-paganizes itself for equality’s sake. Death will not free you as you sought, but men will have to kill for freedom.


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