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Rather Desensitized Aren’t You?


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Happy Anniversary with!
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Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!
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Islamic State Merely Cruel?


Watching the t.v. show of democracy: as the spiritual force reaps another biblical masterpiece.

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Moloch and His Freedom Crusade

Marking the troops for inappropriate sacrifice.


Reluctantly the priest mocks God knowing the doctrinal outcome of the Americanist gospel.
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You know who you are. You know what you do. I am not your pimp nor john, no matter how much you whores beg.



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More Fun With Postmodern Dolts

  • Your car rules!
    Sent 11:20pm
  • ha! That is my cousins car! but I thought it was awesome. I told him we are definitely going to cruise thru the north side listening to Nelly in it, lol!
    Sent 11:32pm
  • I have always thought it odd that such was associated with Blacks.
    Sent 11:33pm
  • I suppose the impression has merit though.
    Sent 11:34pm
  • Hmmm…I think saying “blacks” is considered somewhat racist.
    Sent 11:34pm
  • You are a wretched spawn.
    Sent 11:36pm


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