Once Roman Catholic, Always Roman Catholic


Pope Francis Chalice 2


About This and That

A fundamental Protestant in ecumenism with Vatican 2. Both Protestants & Mary (laudate nomen sanctum eius) have concluded that the Roman Catholic Church is the Antichrist.
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5 Responses to Once Roman Catholic, Always Roman Catholic

  1. The Novus Ordo Watch originally posted this saying that being baptized Catholic does not make one Catholic. The ecumenicalism of this was not commented on, nor is it my concern. http://www.cathinfo.com/catholic.php?a=topic&t=38772&min=20

  2. editor says:

    The name of the Catholic Church is NOT “Roman Catholic” – that is a Protestant coinage.
    The term “RC” – was coined by the medieval Protestant Reformers to support the heresy that the Church is made up of various branches, of which the “Roman” is but one. No Catholic should ever use the term to describe the Catholic Church. https://www.ewtn.com/faith/teachings/churb3.htm

    • No, it Roman Catholic; your American Catholicism is apostate. You might want to include Jesuits and other Counter-Reformation advocates in your attack.

      • editor says:

        I’m Scots. Whatever nationality, we belong to the one, holy, catholic and apostolic church. You need to read the article I linked before continuing with your use of the Protestant name for the Church – of course if you are sedevacantist, then you won’t mind that. Sede is just another brand of Protestant, so if I have stumbled onto a sede site, please forgive me. I avoid them like the plague that they are.

        I’m a Scots Catholic. Americans are American Catholics. If they have lost the Faith, then they will have to deal with that but losing the Faith doesn’t change the name of the Church.

        Bye now.

      • Look man, Papist is the term that you are thinking of; and that is a plausible term denoting our imperial Roman centered faith. I am a devout member of vatican 2, although not progressive.

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