Genetic Numerolgy and post-Racial White Marxism

They got this human genome thing where they do some adding and some postmodern think and wallah no race! Rather than saying that it all merely suggests the Human Family they play games, as if Race did not exist. Here is a whatever you call ’em with some Black racialists:    Blacks know Negro validly when they see it and in the Black community Negritude is real, but not in the Genetic Numerology gimmick. Although supposed afro-centricism has purveyed racial myths such as melanin and how all who have it; or at least who are not White Caucasian are Black too to whatever extant. A complex about race is pervasive and that was and is the problem, rather than race itself.  Now some are familiar with the old titles for mixtures of Negro and thus Negroidal due to the dominate racial trait. Mulatto, and Octoroon are the practical variations and due to recent lack of input this is all that i could find. Of course they slanderously are called slave descriptions by the unappreciative. Regardless of misuse of the forever valid Ole Racial Chart. Here it is etched in stone. Note: i have read studies not available that typed Indians of India regardless of hue as Caucasian. That must of been unpopular or not the accepted definition by those that made the cut. I am dated being 42 and caught all this before it was officially no longer in technical use. Of which was seldom mentioned practically, due to isolation and even from no longer or hard to find informatio as to their place even within preexisting categories.





About This and That

A traditional Protestant in ecumenism with Vatican 2 fundamentalism and the Eastern & Oriental Orthodox. Both Protestants & Mary (laudate nomen sanctum eius) have concluded that the Roman Catholic Church is the Antichrist. Purveying the commentary that i do allows me to disseminate information of interest and confuse and hypnotize the Malcontent (ex-Catholics) and Self-Exulted (professed Catholics). Also real-life circumstances within my own faith group lead me to faith journey and entertainment. As an innatist and an empiricist i was special while others never learn, learned the hard way, or only a little upon my foot.
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