Location: Elsberry, Missouri
 Age: 42, Sagittarius
 Height: 5 ft. 10 in.
 Hair, Eyes: Dark Brown, Blue
 Body: Average
 Ethnicity: White
 Religion: Christian/Protestant
 Politics: Conservative
 Education: High School
 Income: Less than $25,000
 Job: Artist
 Smoke: Don’t Smoke
 Has Kids: No
About Me
 While nature hiking and bird-watching i thought i am never going to meet a gal like this. Not that i am socially inept, but timing seems to be a factor. I am an intimidating and intense man. I have not had a relationship with a woman in thirteen years. Single because i do not take a woman for granite, nor do i have casual sexual relations. I was told again and again that i should be in ‘porno’ and this led to me abstaining from attempted relations. Refusing to be exploited further. By God we will have a common law marital bed. I prefer a gal that is not scorned, nor abused by the world. So older gals or gals my age tend to be such. So i thought that i would try this; which is mainly a game for many. I dabble in amateur poetry and prose on the internet and in the drawer. I do not watch television. Nor do i patronage the movie theatre. Rather partial to coffee places and hole in the wall bars–if the lady is a drinker. Although i do not pursue woman when they are intoxicated. I like to pic-nick and lay it on thick. I work seasonally doing low-end landscaping. A loner, transient and lay monk. I do not buddy-up with other men and i prefer that my company is with a woman. I require a younger women who is unique or independent. Artsy is a plus.
Seeking: A woman ages 23 to 47
Interests: Politics and Religion

Let me tell you something Bin Laden…
I may fuck like a porn star and cuss like a sailor and even smoke like a chimney, but I am no whore! Before i met the man i will be marrying, i was married for 10 faithful years. My husband was killed in a car crash. I am to re marry and when i am with someone, i am with only them.
I am a good woman and mother. A whore i am not.
Speaking people and their extra curricular activities, arent you the one who freely admits to receiveing blow jobs from said whores? What the hell does that make you Bin Laden? So stupid

Mar. 17 8:05 PM

Heathen, you are whoredom.

Mar. 17 2:53 PM


You woman beating, koran praising, fat ass, old, ugly as a dogs ass, controling, abusive, wish you were a real man, small dick, ass fucking, gay towel head mother fucker!
Oopsie did say something wrong to offend the my lord? Lol dream on hard on

Mar. 17 12:25 PM

You silly incomprehensive wench.

Mar. 16 7:15 PM


And why am i a post modern fraud? Just because i think you see women as a lower life form and you think its ok to leta woman suck u off then u call her a whore? You are a pig. A faciast, backwards, slimeball that no woman in her sane mind will ever want. You are the whore. You dont need a woman, u need a good ass kicking by a powerful successful woman!! You are definatly in the wrong country if your looking for a virgin willing to please your every whim and bow down to you for being a jerk.
Grow up and get a brain. Its idiots like you that make good women go bad. You have no one to blame but yourself. God made woman out of adams rib…. to be by his side, not under his feet. To be close to his heart, not hurt by his selfishness and to be protected by his arm, not beaten by his hand (which i am sure u do to women. Just like all coward who think ots ok to beat on a woman)

Mar. 16 5:48 PM

You postmodern fraud.

Mar. 13 1:46 PM



Any “man” that can use the term “whore” , to describe a woman who is doing to you what men do to women all the time, is simply not a man.

Mar. 13 11:26 AM

Mar. 12 7:01 PM


Sex is an expression of love between those bewed.

Mar. 18 4:19 PM

not read


No im not. Not at all. But I suppose am a slight feminist bc reading your profile angered me. It is my belief that a guy like you really shouldn’t be on a dating site……there is no further need for you to respond to this message. Goodbye.

Mar. 18 2:38 PM

What are you a Catholic? Or a mockery of God and the Church wrapped in Americanism?

Mar. 18 2:26 PM



This is an fyi, women want love and romance and respect to build successful relationships..not a website link describing your dictatorship..if this is your leading foot no ” sane” woman will call that number you listed.

Mar. 18 2:19 PM


Mar. 18 6:17 AM


You know it’s a shame you’re so into Jesus. You’re a pretty handsome man and I’d probably rock your world, but sadly you’re religious.Mar. 14 3:35 AM
Eat.Mar. 12 8:30 AM


I get that you are trying to push jesus down my throat bc that’s what the church tells you to do but I wouldn’t waste your time with me.Mar. 11 8:57 PM


There is nothing wrong with me the way I am.Mar. 10 6:02 PM
Go back to Church spiritually; then institutionally.Mar. 10 5:55 PM


I was raised methodist I know all about the supposed jeopardy my soul is in. However I find lacking proof of a loving God.Mar. 10 5:43 PM
You felt and denied it. Your soul is in jeopardy.Mar. 10 3:55 PM


I’m getting a very religious vibe. I’m not into the whole Jesus thingMar. 10 2:34 PM



About This and That

A fundamental Protestant in ecumenism with Vatican 2. Both Protestants & Mary (laudate nomen sanctum eius) have concluded that the Roman Catholic Church is the Antichrist.
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  1. Whew mate, this was a terrible idea! And I speak and write as a Anglican presbyter! I have been married for many years, but married myself at 38. Both my/our sons were born in my 40’s, now 18 and 24. And good young men! I am 64 almost 5 (Oct.) And btw, it is always best to respect women, and listen to them. And share your personal thoughts with them face to face! Finally, as Paul wrote, marry only a Christian woman also! Well rock on, but gently I hope? – Fr. R.

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