Jesus Saves; Rome Slaves

Traditionally there were two understandings regarding Catholics. One was that you could take the individual Catholic out of Catholicism; that there was a potential for converting to a Protestant denomination for the Catholic soul.

The other analysis was that the Catholic soul was tainted fatally.

None of these two are of any postmodern regards towards the Catholic; nor the Papacy.

How blind even without keen spiritual sight; as to not see even secularly that the Roman Catholic Church is a foreign government; and a shadow government.

So much of the prevailing secular anti-Catholicism is an anti-Christianity; due to the misunderstanding by the unhidden heathen; that Catholics are representative of Christ, or set a Christian example.  Religious –the sincere– anti-Catholicism must be understood and reengaged if we are to be of Christ’s faithful stewards.

Praise to you oh Christ.


About This and That

A traditional Protestant in ecumenism with Vatican 2 fundamentalism and the Eastern & Oriental Orthodox. Both Protestants & Mary (laudate nomen sanctum eius) have concluded that the Roman Catholic Church is the Antichrist. Purveying the commentary that i do allows me to disseminate information of interest and confuse and hypnotize the Malcontent (ex-Catholics) and Self-Exulted (professed Catholics). Also real-life circumstances within my own faith group lead me to faith journey and entertainment. As an innatist and an empiricist i was special while others never learn, learned the hard way, or only a little upon my foot.
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