The Roots Of The Emergent Church

We are too passive in opposing these frauds–popularly. Or at least all
those who are not Emergents. However, this is only an extension of
postmodern ‘society’. And its relation to the past Counterculture.
Academic detached intellectualism of clergy and theologians means
nothing in combating this. If the Priesthood of All Believers and Apostolic Succession is not asserted by The Church’s reactionaries then that leaves those whom are
merely postmodern with no institution–who are already the masses
filling the pews. The Emergent Church–A satanic fraud of man’s folly:
gives them an establishment. A completion of a societal shift that the churches at large are already a part of.


About This and That

A traditional Protestant in ecumenism with Vatican 2 fundamentalism and the Eastern & Oriental Orthodox. Both Protestants & Mary (laudate nomen sanctum eius) have concluded that the Roman Catholic Church is the Antichrist. Purveying the commentary that i do allows me to disseminate information of interest and confuse and hypnotize the Malcontent (ex-Catholics) and Self-Exulted (professed Catholics). Also real-life circumstances within my own faith group lead me to faith journey and entertainment. As an innatist and an empiricist i was special while others never learn, learned the hard way, or only a little upon my foot.
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2 Responses to The Roots Of The Emergent Church

  1. Today’s Christianity’ – Nothing more than feelings, Part 1 : “…if you do a search of the less contemporary translations of scripture, the word ‘feelings’ is virtually nonexistent. Where it does appear, it is cited as more of a superficial, even negative attribute than a positive; and yet, as we watch and listen to many from today’s churches, be they leaders or laymen, not only do we see a clear fixation on feelings, both physical and emotional, we notice that those feelings have by and large become a replacement for faith.

  2. The above comment was in the spam section, and i had to get it out of there in order to post it. However it might be computer generated…. Good one.

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