Monthly Archives: November 2012 This postmodern caricature as the only awareness of Judaic tyranny shows a lack of the faithful. Is this the only resistance — a nazi? And why would one perceive that opposition to Judaizing must mean so-called white supremacy? It … Continue reading

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An Example

Note: This is a copy and paste of a conversation i had on a Lutheran forum. Of which i was banned from. I quickly got this and came back for the rest and other topics but they blocked me. There are some repetitive … Continue reading

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Jesus Saves; Rome Slaves

Traditionally there were two understandings regarding Catholics. One was that you could take the individual Catholic out of Catholicism; that there was a potential for converting to a Protestant denomination for the Catholic soul. The other analysis was that the … Continue reading

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?man reaching for god/god reaching for man?

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Jim Beam: Devil’s Cut

Is there no Christian temperance league to encourage such a realization as this?

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Analyze This

The Priesthood of All Believers Presents: Do you find Rome to be a stumbling block? Galatians 5:1                2 Corinthians 6:14 —Luke 17:21— Beware of Judaizing. Titus 1:14 Dare to Protest? Acts 26:18 Refuse Antichrist! 2 Thessalonians 2:4-12 @ Faith Lutheran … Continue reading

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A Destroyer

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