“Tunisia Yesterday, Egypt Today, Jordan Tomorrow?”

This is good news, the postmodern west and its nihilism cannot handle this. The whole mid-east may arise from westernization’s supression and expunge the new world order’s nation building. Affirming a cultural autonomy that no moderate mock Christianity can handle. Where is an American equivalent? There is none; as the children of the counterculture are now awaiting Satanic death.


The second period Ku Klux Klan


I am no advocator of the bogus so-called Christian Identity. Nor am i a member of the postmodern klan’s. I am … one Protestant. Will you stand up against the Papal horde that seeks to be the only claim to western Christendom? I surely will not join them. Pick up your cross and carry it – as steward – light it to ward off the damned.



Kludd Speaks

Nationalism is a route that the Papist may take to include themselves in phony context of Americanism. John Wilkes Booth–southern papist is an example of how out-of-place the Papist is in an American context. May Rome be their only nationalism.


The Parable of the Recovering Catholic: The Papist never recovers and the baptism is one of occultic annointing marked for-of the beast. Hiding in the pews of Protestantism–or rather Evangelicalism–awaiting souls to corrupt. As the grand dragon of oregan stated: The only cure for a Catholic is to kill one. The Papist is called upon by Christ to be living hell; or they are strangers to him and subject to only Satan.

Note: This is prose, it is for arts sake; with civics: for your reading pleasure. Do not lose your mind.

An E-mail I Sent To The Ku Klux Klan LLC

To: “National H.Q.”

The fact that you took down the guideline vindicates my understanding.

— On Sat, 12/18/10, National H.Q. <<span style=”border-bottom: #366388 2px dotted; cursor: hand”>> wrote:

From: National H.Q.
Subject: Re: Papists in the Klans
To: “Mr. so forth”
Date: Saturday, December 18, 2010, 6:38 PMWe no longer consider pre-vatacan II Catholics for association is why it is no loger on our web site. Many of our people are in fact Christian Identity see we have “fallen” for no tricks some changes had to made organizationally, information about which you would have no knowledge. Your criticism of us without understanding is a surprise but, then many attack and critic what they do not understand.   The Ku Klux Klan, LLC.

—– Original Message —– From: Mr. so forth To: Sent: Saturday, December 18, 2010 6:09 PM Subject: Papists in the Klans

To whom it may concern,

There is nothing so degenerate as an all encompassing supposed white nationalism. Wich for the sake of such ecumenicalism should accept white Mohammedans as well. There is no recovering catholic, only papists looking to hide among protestant souls. At your cross lighting ceromony the spirit shouldexpose the imposters, unless your christian identity.  You had a comment on Vatican 2 before, i don’t see it now. You fell for their trick.    I do a little ‘blogging at [no longer valid] if you care to read it.

Have a good one,

Whitey Lawful

A Letter I Sent to Pastor Mister Thomas Robb’s Ministry and Klan
Pastor and associates.

I reject Christian Identity as foul postmodernism and have a traditional understanding and embodyment of race and christendom. I also reject attempts of so-called white nationalists to group all white caucasions into one unifying collective.

The Klans are filled with degenerate nazi’s and papists pretending.

Signed, The Second Period Klan

The Rainbow Cult Of Jigger


Picture from-  Author of poem found on page linked.

I am a child… a babe, newly born in a collective of others that define my self. I look at myself in the mirror and i must be my own stumbling block. I’ll  be ‘bicurious’ to upset patriarchy and white male sexuality. Negrophile, an indian activist, and i’ll hobnob with the hispanics – all as trophys’ for my so-called white guilt. Hear me, i am wigger…Hear me, i am son of wigger. The racial quota is my guide, yet i still manage…in a post-modern sense. On drugs i dream of liberation… Pseudopsychology has designed me to neurosis at racism, sexism and antisemitism…even anticatholicism. The two previous we have revisioned in our postmodern fashion, the two latter has atheistic connotation for our postmodern way.


at me swagger


my speech pathology


what i am saying

i am just like them

i am them

and they are me… or are they?


A Hymn Against The Jew

I am Papist, I am Jew… the law is not within me.



The Jew – in bondage to law, as the Papist – is criminal license; and vice versa.

Photo from -

A proper heathen gentile scars his flesh, as it is circumcised.


Vatican One was the Jew’s guide, now the Jew is the Vatican’s guide.

As the Holocaust appeased the ha-shem creature, the pagan god of the world seeks to rebuild both tower and temple with goyim flesh. Take the torch from the white-protestant-gentile, lest he lights the cross he bares.

Photo from -

Why must i attone for another man’s sin, as if the social progress we made was evil… Yet, without Judaic approval. The Papist is a mockery of liberty, Papist and their jews are not of our libertarian character and culture. Autonomy – is what made the (certain) white man supreme.
Eat the dung of Vatican 2 and realise that those that were concerned – with those that were more concerned with anti-catholicism, rather then white supremacy are vindicated. Would you let a Bosnian in the Klan? Would you exult race over culture and its self…a culture that and self that may appear simular, but its fiber is not libertarianism, but authoritarianism. I will not mistake those who resemble me in apprearence, as my ally – Lest, i decieve my self at the tempters temptation – that all of caucazoid stock are my equal.



Perfidious jews the world would be yours

if God hadn’t smited you, as whores.

You ask the Papacy why the hand of God did not find you, or did not save…

Now your Judaizer Church leads ecumenical prayers of one-worldism.

As the ransom was fulfillment, you are still not content.



Steward Of Your Particular Cultures Rite, With Cross In Hand



Those still living


to die

so that we may live

in Christ

or at the least, natural law

with liberty

wich is not of the Jew

But of gentile… white gentile.

Jew fulfill your perfidious social contract

over our dead bodies.

With the death of white gentiles

there is the death of liberty.

Abandoned men of the abandoned Christ

the spiritually dead saying, the spiritually dead saying — ‘Judge not by the color of skin, but by character’.

Photo from:

Dear white gentile,

Pick up your cross

and light it

with the holy spirit

by reason

not divine commandment.

Hear my prayer lord

whom is caucaziod

yet whoms skin color is inconsequential

as his Jewishness…

Resurect from the mass grave of dead white men.

Photo from:

Dialog On Race (Machiavelli)
Two pack shacker and the nigger christ was crucified, so that the criminal minded of black cultures rite may rise with death and hell.




Does a negroes salvation depend on them praising The Lord at a white church? Am i god? The black church is ‘liberal’ of the left and gave us Martin Luther King… a socialist saint… the idol of pop-christianity.

Photo from –,0.jpg

Take back your church whiteman, by disavowing ‘MLK’, and further judaization of Western Christianity.


White Church of no prosperity doctrine, there you sit of empty pews… from the subversion of ‘MLK’ and his Black Church infiltration. Rebuild the White Protestant Church, White-Protestant-American…

Photo from-,1236140147,3/stock-photo-church-stands-abandoned-and-empty-golden-leaves-frame-right-side-of-photo-overgrown-and-26049583.jpg

The Katholic Klan with their fascism will attempt to extinguish the fire, Vatican 2 and their Jews will come to make you noahide compliant…as the ‘evangelical’ churches are.

Photo from –

While white, (as there are ‘white’ muslims as well) the Papist and by extention – the Old World’s Eastern European heritage has no room, nor any resemblence of the character of liberty. There and in the New World – where the Papist has reared its ugly head – seek license to quench their criminal mind.


picture from -

Still seeking supremacy, at the expense of ours.



No ecumenicalism with Papists in our proud not haughty Protestant Klan should of ever been permited…

Photo from –

Post-modern white: abstract, remote, deconstructed, and revisioned.

Then counter-culture, now pop-culture — as the West invokes its death. Ethics of anti-racism abound to compliment the promiscuity and indifference. Counter-culture guru Martin Luther King Jr. and your dead white flesh has emancipated yourselves at civilizations expense. The two standing insititutions are drugs and t.v. … white men must never realise his and herself again. Equality’s whore seeks guidance, guidance to her illicit affirmation of selfs abandonment… your empowerment. Grow horns to go with those wings, white devil attoning for sin.

Picture from:

An ode to…

David Duke, before you call me a european-american — read the Nativist motto: Beware of Foreign Influence



Plea, Repentence, and Prayer


Dear fellow bigot,

Pro-racist,anti-semetic, & sexist. Accepting past counter-culture ethics, has lead many to believe we have no virtue. Post-modern society is vice ridden, and without ‘hate’ (opposition). The delinquency of pop-culture has made you marginal… and you are better for it. Preference, and discrimination are needed to oppose, and to preserve.

Whitey Lawful

Picture is from…


Lord Christ, your divinity, and autonomy of self — transcends race, yet many would call you black. Those that see you as white must be paying homage to your bounty of liberty, giving tribute to untainted character, or/and exulting you over the blackest of them all — Satan. Caucasian God incarnate, may man not transcend race thinking he is divine and supreme in his autonomy by declaring himself God, or your equal; because the non-white, and non-caucasian (caucasians that were not European, were still caucasian) world deemed us so. Man can only go so far with his emulation of you, Savior of the world, whom does not exclude, unless they never come to you, or refuse you. No, let us realise our cultural matters, as distinct from others. Realise our race, as distinct from others, whom are realised that they are distinct as well. Those others that worship you God that is Triune, are distinct in their worship — of you.


Let us exalt God above ourselves, lest we akin man as god, or equals of the divine. As a white gentile i know the social obligation i must uphold over Jew. Autonomy is why they call us supreme, as our individualism impedes their tribal way… lo without Cheif, and King they are lost. As God remarked his displeasure regarding Israel requesting a King, so is Gods displeasure at whiteman wanting to be a tribe… of Israel. Neither Rome nor Israel is the seat of God. You, each and every one of you is an individual temple, making The Church. Let them not confine you oh church, with walls. Let them not say ye are judged as a collective… you gentile are liberty. In Jesus name, amen.

Taking the law in my own hand.



Vengeance is mine sayeth the lord,

i steward of the earth –

shall avenge you.

The nihilist black soul’s preys upon the upright. Those with postures of snake’s seek to tempt to chaos.

Is this what freedom means to you? Black as hell with wings to go with those horn’s, as you wander for soul’s to wonder with you. You know good from evil, as you now realise you are naked. You will fly as the most high, as you are limited to cloud. The world owes you a living, oh death. To and fro as the nature of Satan – want’s – the world to revolve around it. What did you do Satan? What will you do? Why can’t the world just leave you alone? Another letter of the law will be made, and destroyed in your name. Our robes are red tonight, symbolizing the blood shed for liberty by law. The spirit of the law is of the heart, as Moses broke the tablet’s … still lasting forever. Unwritten ordinance of Christ’s common law. All of Israel was at Mt. Sinai beholding the Magna Carta, as you erected idol’s of gold. Refusing manna for flesh – you puked from your nose – smelling the stench of that you digested.  As a rabid animal you roam, looking for master, and without master you are untamed beast. Who will chain you? … yourself. Feel the empowerment of criminal license as the fire burns your soul… behold the light.

Break the chain?


Crann Tara

Behold, the light – of Christ defeating death and hell. Satan declares war on humanity, as he attempts to extinguish the epiphany… We declare war on Satan – we steward’s of the earth. In defence of God,Country, and Cultures Race. As God grant’s us our live’s on earth. To wich satan goes about to & fro to destroy. Oh wonderer, look upon your demise.



Lord, creator of order by whom – chaos by those of the wiles of darkness is subdued. They have seen their soul’s, and realise they are black.

Christian Identity

 I can’t find one Klan that is not steeped in ‘christian identity’, this movement can be traced to the 40’s but did’nt gain it’s following until the 80’s. It’s claims are erroneous, and i would’nt join a Klan so long as it espouses such a belief. One can uphold Christ, western civilization, and Americanism in a orthodox theology. If you cannot understand how Christ was Jewish and how a white gentile can still be autonomous and not subjegated to the Jews; then you are not of the spirit of God. We can not attain the spirit of Christ, but a spirit of Satan is invoked – mocking God and decieving as light.
So-called Christian Identity is utter post-modernism, and further marginalizes one from grace, guidance and objective faith. It’s as if we’ve given The Church to socialism after Martin Luther King Jr., and are responding to Christendom’s dismantling with more of the same.


I had the link to this posted at one time i thought, i’ll have to search for it again.

For every white man that was, and every bigot that did’nt make it.
The cross is ignited.

Photograph from,

Look upon

the cross

that burns

the impurities

from your soul.

The lord is inclusive ,offering salvation to all those who receive in his name by his grace.

To claim western gentiles are chosen, is blasphemy. Yet to know western gentiles uphold his word, is to understand his grace. Grace that is mocked, doubted and refused.

Those that question the Lord’s identity will lose theirs. Man is sovereign and autonomous as he utilizes free-will, and is judged in sovereignty, and autonomy. So our God is sovereign and autonomous, as he act’s and rule’s in sovereignty, and autonomy.

It is not Martin Luther King that died for our sin’s but Christ. Martin Luther King did not perfect Christ, nor was he an apostle of God’s message.

The door was open by socialism. Let’s close that door in the name of Christ.


Lord the age of promiscuity, and socialist infiltration has had it’s way, using Martin Luther King as clergy was just one instrument of man’s free-will unto Satan. Let not the degenerate humanism, give forth the fruits of it’s nihilsm by force, but as long as man chooses let him be marked. Marked as he is with emotional pleas of no reason and a insincere love. For a new age of heathen orgy of the flesh, and it’s degenerate law.

As you have cleansed us with your blood. Cleanse those seeking you with your spirit on this Martin Luther King Day.

God of liberty – inspirer of the Magna Carta – exposer of the falsehood of earthly kings. Lord of liberty, inspiration of the original constitution…Shine of the flame, threw the fiery cross – radiant is the holy spirit illuminating in liberty’s name. Let them be offended, and intimidated. As we are humble in reverence of your mercy, and grace.

Guide us Lord, to exult you and the freedom you offer. Deliver us from the oppression of the world. We realise the odds, let them not overcome us. Oh armor , sheild and sword.

May it be your will.

In Jesus name, amen.

More post-modern rationalization…


Picture from :

Calling for white civil rights is cutting edge post-modermism. An offense to an ingrained personality of liberty, that’s culture, and   system was so distinct of it’s difference that the socialist’s deemed it white supremacy. To make the culture and system equal, white’s would have to have a government policy used against them, that was justified (at least justified by the opposition’s engineered consensus) -of the scapegoat of European authoritarianism (fascism), and from a sermon of a gospel of promiscuous unity by the idolized socialist saint – MLK,  many with naive sympathy and pretended sentiment went along with the dismantling of western civilization for its own good… it’s salvation.

Dreaming against a contiousness of objectivity and reason… White American culture would  be purged, and asked to pretend. Playing along with the heavily white commie regulated game meant that David Duke to this day would claim that he is’nt a racist. For an age that is a gnostic heresy of sinful flesh that must attone by its self destruction.

I with The Holy Scriptures of the Old & New Covenant, Magna Carta, and the (pre-civil rights act of 1964) U.S. Constitution – ignite the radiant light of the burning cross – repelling satan from the air, and purging his black souls of criminal license , and tyranny.

Picture –

A Lone Knight Observing A Postmoder Klan

I dont use the term mud people, its outrageous. Being a racist has been sent to the post-modern , deconstruction and revision program. Racial characteristics are absent among white commie ideals of what i term a racial gnosticism and one heck of a inward subjectivity. This caricature of Nazi must be sent back to its European degeneracy. To revert to a social science caricatured, and stigmitized as white supremacist, is no popular option. As if white’s didn’t espouse a libertarian civilization without equals, and further an autonomy that has been perverted in todays post-modern nihilism. Despite exceptions.



A sovereign citizen, of a sovereign nation-state. Do not use, borrow, or share my words on the ‘blog.
A sovereign citizen, of a sovereign nation-state. Do not use, borrow, or share my words on the ‘blogs.
This was a weblog i had at a now non-existent site that was of a klan in the area. I had used that site to engage those that were typical of certain concepts i opposed or related to — yet without the postmodern revision and deconstruction. The klans are nothing like what i am representing ( at least popularly). I was hoping to enlighten, i think i may have. Although the site was quite inactive…especially after i showed-up. One of the members suggested that i become kludd–chaplain; thoughtfully i said i would purge so-called Christian Identity from the movement. Such a mission would of not been popular, but i do not know how it would of worked-out.
Affirmation at the Fiery Cross

 I worship Christ the spirit of the law, whom has saved us from the dead letter of the circumcision of the flesh. I will not rally around a perverse cross that claims the jewish nation as themselves (Christian Identity). Nor will i claim that Christ exists for only whites, rather—autonomously— i will not worship at the black church, hispanic church nor any ecumenicalism. Nationalists will call me an exclusionist—i am. I will not be the brother of the Papist; practising nor ‘recovering’. Neither will i admire their culture even if its ‘white’. When i behold the lighted cross that i bare daily – i represent a nativist creed that will not be lost to bogus white power-criminality. I will not accept the mockery white supremacy of nazis’. I will only understand white supremacy as autonomous white men… of Americanism. Understand my words… behold the fiery cross.

© Whitey Lawful a.k.a. S. Wesley Mcgranor

F.B.I. file on a K.K.K.


About This and That

A fundamental Protestant in ecumenism with Vatican 2. Both Protestants & Mary (laudate nomen sanctum eius) have concluded that the Roman Catholic Church is the Antichrist.
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2 Responses to

  1. whiteylawful says:

    Those bigots that have not bitten the post-modern bullet – do not believe the economy of slavery, or injun wars – is anything to attone for. Ignite the cross oh lord upon heathen and/or nazi souls.

  2. Note: I use the K.K.K. as a metaphor for the ghost of Americanism. I realise that certain political concepts and personality existed before the klans. Many associate those particular political concepts and personality with the klans. That association is due to an impression the ‘second period’ klan has upon societies popular imagination. Although ‘the klan’ used various political concerns of the right-wing and its personality; successfully – they profaned such as well. This ‘blog is expressing poetry, prose, and prose-poetry by utilizing the stereotype and symbolism of ‘the klan’.
    This was a weblog i had at a now non-existent site that was of a klan in the area. I had used that site to engage those that were typical of certain concepts i opposed or related to — yet without the postmodern revision and deconstruction. The klans are nothing like what i am representing. I was hoping to enlighten, i think i may have. Although the site was quite inactive…especially after i showed-up. One of the members suggested that i become kludd–chaplain; thoughtfully i said i would purge so-called Christian Identity from the movement. Such a mission would of not been popular, but i do not know how it would of worked-out. I was entertaining myself, and frankly find the ‘second period’ klan to be detrimental to its espoused religious and political causes. Not that such causes were bad, just that mixing such with white supremacy were detrimental. Still i do not argue against the realization that such causes were championed by whites–albeit Protestant whites.

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