Two Wrongs Do Not Make A Right

For Malcontent and Self-exulted Catholics; Realizing Discipline and a Re-education.


Ever fret over your baptism?

You 666?

Your Pope Anti-Christ?




(Idealistic) Alternate Ending









I am Black and Here is My Gospel Message ____________________________________________

 My civil rights, my human rights as a Black man:


The oppression of my people by colonialism and segregation restricting my manhood.


Let me have sexual encounter, crimes against person and property, and shuck and jive with the most elaborate black face for my knowledge of self.


A cultural heritage not mine, Jefferson, Crosby, Stills, Nash. No! I say! Holly Salaci, Grand Bell Woods, and KRS One. The Black Peoples CNN and The Peoples History of America…


 Call the witch doctor, and curse the white man whom has brought Christian dominion to the gates of Zulu and all voodoo!


  • © S. Wesley Mcgranor
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Angela J. Bell


Angela Jamice Bell my deceased fiance, or we as said common law wife, was raped and murdered by Catholic punks worshipping the devil in San Jose CA. nearly twenty years ago. No cover-up and no hiding for “Black Power”.

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So What; Big Deal


FUREY: The whitewashing of Trudeau’s blackface

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For President Trump


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Sister Mary Ebo’s Second Funeral

Goodbye Niggers,

   goodbye Jewish,

    goodbye Devil’s white people

  and burn in Hell Selma!

© S. Wesley Mcgranor

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This first, then this.

Pope Francis Chalice 2

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The Jesuit is a Mutual Enemy

coffee I truly believe that Roman Catholicism has popularly been following Protestantism around in fear, since the Counter-Reformation. They sight you as a spoiler and our imperialists say that your attempt to dismantle the Church to defend it speaks for itself.  If you think that you are going to jump off at the last minute when it comes to Antichrist, than think again. Your Bohemian experiment is hip.

I want to thank St. Teresa of Avila & St. Ignatius of Loyola for facing the humanist rebellion. Although hence with great compromise the democratic Bohemian ideal. With its cost to the Papacy and the continually questioned identity of each Papist. (Heaven is Imperial/Medieval and thus its inhabitants. As the Spiritual Church is also:) We evoke St. Felix, St. Valerius, Saint Kelmens, Saint Valentinus, Saint Munditia and Saint Coronatus; ask them to bestow upon us knowledge so that we may know. You are not forgotten.


The Holy Ghost will not be fought for man’s benefit. As God has etched his Imperial/Medieval plan among history and man’s souls. The necessity of what we few know, is what makes a remnant.

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Negroidal Argument

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Stereotypical? Or true goofs?

Example #1

Example #2

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Once Roman Catholic, Always Roman Catholic

Pope Francis Chalice 2

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