The Spirit of the Law is Greater Than the Letter


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You know who you are. You know what you do. I am not your pimp nor john, no matter how much you whores beg.



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More Fun With Postmodern Dolts

  • Your car rules!
    Sent 11:20pm
  • ha! That is my cousins car! but I thought it was awesome. I told him we are definitely going to cruise thru the north side listening to Nelly in it, lol!
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  • I have always thought it odd that such was associated with Blacks.
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  • I suppose the impression has merit though.
    Sent 11:34pm
  • Hmmm…I think saying “blacks” is considered somewhat racist.
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  • You are a wretched spawn.
    Sent 11:36pm


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Race Complex and Phobia

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To Al-Shabaab, Al-Queida, Hamas,The Muslim Brotherhood and Boko Haram. Great job that you are doing for both God and satan (although no duality understand), destroying by wrath and for gain. In a post-Christian civilization who is to fight? As false Christians line-up to die a postmodern martyr –suicidally– in their Ecumenism. Headed to Rome, in hopes of Rapture or Armageddon. Jews will you save the Emergent Church from apostasy? As post-Protestant — postmodern ‘Evangelical’ — Ecclesial Community coward prey run to the damned by God –Catholic & Orthodox (not themselves)– from themselves, damned by the devil’s contract. Race the great loophole of satan as African Protestants (mostly in name only) learn the hard way that the Universal Church including its systems was no White imperialism. Indians still baptized Catholic on the reservation. Mid-East Christian and assorted Asians guided by ‘progressive’ Whites, some still wearing their pagan self as if Whites were inherently Christian due to their race. While the West re-paganizes itself for equality’s sake. Death will not free you as you sought, but men will have to kill for freedom.


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Genetic Numerolgy and post-Racial White Marxism

They got this human genome thing where they do some adding and some postmodern think and wallah no race! Rather than saying that it all merely suggests the Human Family they play games, as if Race did not exist. Here is a whatever you call ’em with some Black racialists:    Blacks know Negro validly when they see it and in the Black community Negritude is real, but not in the Genetic Numerology gimmick. Although supposed afro-centricism has purveyed racial myths such as melanin and how all who have it; or at least who are not White Caucasian are Black too to whatever extant. A complex about race is pervasive and that was and is the problem, rather than race itself.  Now some are familiar with the old titles for mixtures of Negro and thus Negroidal due to the dominate racial trait. Mulatto, and Octoroon are the practical variations and due to recent lack of input this is all that i could find. Of course they slanderously are called slave descriptions by the unappreciative. Regardless of misuse of the forever valid Ole Racial Chart. Here it is etched in stone. Now keep in mind that Australoids were the kicker; because they did not want to deem them Negroes. I am going to side with those that deemed them Negroes and not sight them here. You can however find them through the other links below. Note: i have read studies not available that typed Indians of India regardless of hue as Caucasian. That must of been unpopular or not the accepted definition by those that made the cut. I am dated being 42 and caught all this before it was officially no longer in technical use.




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Call to Faith

{The Whore (the Jews Judaism) and the Beast and False Prophet (Antichrist) all aspects of Roman Catholicism; it is not what they do but what they are}.

The website no longer provides this. So i made a copy and paste just in case this needed information was suppressed:

“Ten New Christian* Convictions About Jews and Judaism

Jews remain in a covenantal relationship with God.

Anti-Judaism and anti-Semitism are sins against God.

The Christian tradition has contributed to historical anti-Semitism. Certain New Testament texts pose difficulties in this regard if improperly understood.

There exists a divinely-willed ongoing relationship between Judaism and Christianity. Judaism has its own distinctive purpose in the divine plan that goes beyond mere preparation for Christianity.

Jesus was and always remained a Galilean Jew; he can only be understood from within that cultural and religious matrix.

Christians must learn to understand and affirm Jewish self-understanding of their own religious experience. This includes a respect for Jewish attachment to Eretz Yisrael.

Christians can learn more about God and relationship with God (and about Christianity) from the traditions of Judaism over the centuries and from the living faith of contemporary Jews.

The Hebrew Scriptures (TaNaKh) have their own spiritual value as revelatory texts independent of the Church’s retrospective christological reading of them.

Earlier Christian understandings of the relationship between the “Old Testament” and the “New Testament” in terms of promise and fulfillment need to be expanded with a futurist eschatology. In other words, what has been promised remains to be completely fulfilled.

Jews and Christians both have the covenantal responsibility to prepare the world for the Age to Come.

* The following churches are among those that have issued official statements that articulate most or all of these ten points: American Baptist Church, Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, Episcopal Church, Presbyterian Church USA, Roman Catholic Church, United Church of Christ, United Methodist Church, and the World Council of Churches. This list is by no means exhaustive. It should be noted that these statement have different degrees of authority within their respective traditions according to the polity of each community.”

Above is the defunct link; below is bonus links related to the over-all Jew & Papist paradigm. {regarding (unfulfilled) Jews} {regarding Catholicism}

John Wesley’s notes: Revelation 13 Revelation 17 Revelation 19

Note: Religiously observing the Nazi’s pagan sacrifice (Holocaust) is of course detrimental to the Church and an affront towards God. Yielding to  the Counterculture (spirit of the 60’s) that seemingly made the Universal Church into a euro-centric bias also was/is also an attack. As the mockery church is followed* by the actual Church (Protestantism) and thus becomes apostate. No End of Days as the Ecclesial Communities want–an excuse for their absence? Giving Supersession and Dominion to the Jew? For the Dual Covenant believer in the form of the supposed End of the Church Age or so-called Time of the Gentiles. Note: Fulfilled Jews that converted and joined the Church lose their Jewish identity (customs) and become Christian as Christ did at the Cross and all Jewish Disciples. This of course means that the Gentiles who were not Jews became Spiritual Jews as was the Jewish Convert i.e. Israel.

* Their actual underling is the Eastern and Oriental Orthodox.

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