Anathema’s Lament

White N
adores his pariah ritual
with Black
imagines White
to be Beverly Hillbillies,
Country Music,
and sex orgy
with said…

Selma, Thelma
and Louese;
and carpet baggers before.

Home Alter I pray to Santa Maria,
whom VooDoo Mary,
are the same…

Pope (not the Egyptian one),
bless me
as spiritual lawlessness,
White says all the other N’s will come!

Eastern Orthodox forty percent!

© S. Wesley Mcgranor


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Critics of the Priesthood of All Believers

“Modern Abuses of the Doctrine: Anti-Intellectualism, the “Super-Anointed” Leader, Hyper-Individualism Conclusion” You are full of shit, I am super anointed, but no leader. I am anti~intellectual, and the utmost individualistic, and that is why I see you, through your smile and all...

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God Save The Queen!

Rome or Eretz Yisrael
who has the global vision
the sovereign standard?

Legalism this,
license that,
this is the end of the church age!

That one-world
social freedom
and man.

Rejoice the ingathering of the exiles is here:

On their hand or mind,
with no opposition..?



Social Justice Christmas

Burning crosses
and upside down ones too.
Black gospels
of messianic messages whew!

Jewish mitzvahs for inspiration
and Christmas trees banned.
All come and kiss Ulster’s red hand.
Around the papal bin
and throughout the mall,
confronting the sin
and decking the hall.

There you see
that the march goes on;
despite prince Harry
and the Masonic spawn!


© S. Wesley Mcgranor

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Two Wrongs Do Not Make A Right

For Malcontent and Self-exulted Catholics; Realizing Discipline and a Re-education. Continue reading

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Angela J. Bell


Angela Jamice Bell my deceased fiance, or we as said common law wife, was raped and murdered by Catholic punks worshipping the devil in San Jose CA. nearly twenty years ago. No cover-up and no hiding for “Black Power”.

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So What; Big Deal


FUREY: The whitewashing of Trudeau’s blackface

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For President Trump

Click for Photograph
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My First Poll Block

So what; big deal.

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Sister Mary Ebo’s Second Funeral

Goodbye Niggers,

   goodbye Jewish,

    goodbye Devil’s white people

  and burn in Hell Selma!

© S. Wesley Mcgranor

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