Pope Pious X

Launching an attack against Vatican 2 from purgatory. The supreme Pontificate defends the faith. Defiled and ridiculed. Refusing his canonization on behalf of the perfidious Jew. The last Pontiff of Rome:

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 Location: Elsberry, Missouri
 Age: 40, Sagittarius
 Height: 5 ft. 10 in.
 Hair, Eyes: Dark Brown, Blue
 Body: Average
 Ethnicity: White
 Religion: Christian/Protestant
 Politics: Conservative
 Education: High School
 Income: Less than $25,000
 Job: Artist
 Smoke: Don’t Smoke
 Has Kids: No


About Me
 While nature hiking and bird-watching i thought i am never going to meet a gal like this. Not that i am socially inept, but timing seems to be a factor. I am an intimidating and intense man. I have not had a relationship with a woman in thirteen years. Single because i do not take a woman for granite, nor do i have casual sexual relations. I was told again and again that i should be in ‘porno’ and this led to me abstaining from attempted relations. Refusing to be exploited further. By God we will have a common law marital bed. I prefer a gal that is not scorned, nor abused by the world. So older gals or gals my age tend to be such. So i thought that i would try this; which is mainly a game for many. I dabble in amateur poetry and prose on the internet and in the drawer. I do not watch television. Nor do i patronage the movie theatre. Rather partial to coffee places and hole in the wall bars–if the lady is a drinker. Although i do not pursue woman when they are intoxicated. I like to pic-nick and lay it on thick. I work seasonally doing low-end landscaping. A loner, transient and lay monk. I do not buddy-up with other men and i prefer that my company is with a woman. I require a younger women who is unique or independent. Artsy is a plus. http://www.ccel.org/meditate http://youtu.be/Fnp48dfdcgY
Seeking: A woman ages 23 to 47
Interests: Politics and Religion

Let me tell you something Bin Laden…
I may fuck like a porn star and cuss like a sailor and even smoke like a chimney, but I am no whore! Before i met the man i will be marrying, i was married for 10 faithful years. My husband was killed in a car crash. I am to re marry and when i am with someone, i am with only them.
I am a good woman and mother. A whore i am not.
Speaking people and their extra curricular activities, arent you the one who freely admits to receiveing blow jobs from said whores? What the hell does that make you Bin Laden? So stupid

Mar. 17 8:05 PM
Heathen, you are whoredom.

Mar. 17 2:53 PM


You woman beating, koran praising, fat ass, old, ugly as a dogs ass, controling, abusive, wish you were a real man, small dick, ass fucking, gay towel head mother fucker!
Oopsie did say something wrong to offend the my lord? Lol dream on hard on

Mar. 17 12:25 PM
You silly incomprehensive wench.

Mar. 16 7:15 PM


And why am i a post modern fraud? Just because i think you see women as a lower life form and you think its ok to leta woman suck u off then u call her a whore? You are a pig. A faciast, backwards, slimeball that no woman in her sane mind will ever want. You are the whore. You dont need a woman, u need a good ass kicking by a powerful successful woman!! You are definatly in the wrong country if your looking for a virgin willing to please your every whim and bow down to you for being a jerk.
Grow up and get a brain. Its idiots like you that make good women go bad. You have no one to blame but yourself. God made woman out of adams rib…. to be by his side, not under his feet. To be close to his heart, not hurt by his selfishness and to be protected by his arm, not beaten by his hand (which i am sure u do to women. Just like all coward who think ots ok to beat on a woman)

Mar. 16 5:48 PM
You postmodern fraud.

Mar. 13 1:46 PM


Any “man” that can use the term “whore” , to describe a woman who is doing to you what men do to women all the time, is simply not a man.

Mar. 13 11:26 AM

Mar. 12 7:01 PM

Sex is an expression of love between those bewed.

Mar. 18 4:19 PM

not read

No im not. Not at all. But I suppose am a slight feminist bc reading your profile angered me. It is my belief that a guy like you really shouldn’t be on a dating site……there is no further need for you to respond to this message. Goodbye.

Mar. 18 2:38 PM
What are you a Catholic? Or a mockery of God and the Church wrapped in Americanism?

Mar. 18 2:26 PM


This is an fyi, women want love and romance and respect to build successful relationships..not a website link describing your dictatorship..if this is your leading foot no ” sane” woman will call that number you listed.

Mar. 18 2:19 PM


Mar. 18 6:17 AM


You know it’s a shame you’re so into Jesus. You’re a pretty handsome man and I’d probably rock your world, but sadly you’re religious.Mar. 14 3:35 AM
Eat.Mar. 12 8:30 AM


I get that you are trying to push jesus down my throat bc that’s what the church tells you to do but I wouldn’t waste your time with me.Mar. 11 8:57 PM


There is nothing wrong with me the way I am.Mar. 10 6:02 PM
Go back to Church spiritually; then institutionally.Mar. 10 5:55 PM


I was raised methodist I know all about the supposed jeopardy my soul is in. However I find lacking proof of a loving God.Mar. 10 5:43 PM
You felt and denied it. Your soul is in jeopardy.Mar. 10 3:55 PM


I’m getting a very religious vibe. I’m not into the whole Jesus thingMar. 10 2:34 PM


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Jesus Christ Superstar — A Reflection of the Emergent ‘Church’

h1 h2 h3 h4 h5 h6 h7 h8 h9 h10 h11 h12http://www.icyte.com/…/2840404a2ebe3a3a1c6cf…/index.html


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Fire From Heaven (A Prayer)

Fire of God — Cross aflame — burning in heavens name.

Purifying the faithful; exposing the faithless.

Come into man’s souls and place your fire, oh God.

Cross of fire — Cross of flame.

Empower me.

To rise from the mass grave — of past stewardship’s mistaken assumptions.

As they are hell-bent on murder, guilt, and contempt.

With a satanic transformation they are consumed, devouring until death redeems.

Race: the complex–as the question — is answered.

The Methodist church of yesteryear



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At Liberty Roundtable On Facebook

Brenda Martin via Robert Gulliford
This is sharia folks. via Blazing Cat Fur: Arrested for walking my dog…. “I was arrested at the rally for, “offending Islam” by walking in a PUBLIC park with my dog. Apparently, Muslims do not li…
  • Bill Minyard and 4 others like this.
  • Josie AtkinsonOhhhhhhh Lord, help us all!!!
  • S Wesley McgranorAmen! This is badly needed generally. I cannot emphasize enough that there are individuals that think another should adore a man’s dog. That ones dog sniffing a man’s buttock and gonads are quite civilized. It is good to be a Christian that is also skeptical of the dog.
  • Wanda J CallowayThey eat dogs.
  • Mary CourtneyI told you that this was going to happen! The muslims think that dogs are nasty vile creatures that go along with infidels and are to be killed. They lay a finger on the hair of one of my dogs and they will meet with a one woman crusade to beat all crusades! I only have one dog that is a pet. The other two dogs are service dogs to me. I love all 3 of them and will not tolerate this!
  • Wanda J CallowayWe need to get some pork- tipped ammo!!
  • S Wesley McgranorThis is their only admirable quest, in my view. Western man has exulted the dog; he claims the dog is his best friend, puts him on the couch, and also allows the dog to roam around men eating. Then postmodern Western man sleeps, eats and poops with the dog. At least pick-up your poop. I emphasize the term postmodern; because once Western Christian man-kind knew better.
  • Mary CourtneyI agree with you, Wanda! If nothing else, it will be a novelty one day to discuss with my grandchildren! LOL! BTW got and LOVED the pictures! Wish I knew of someone that would want to be partners!!! LOL!
  • Wanda J CallowayS Wesley – sorry u r missing out on loyalty and love, companionship and protection from women’s best friends. They never lie!
  • Mary CourtneyThat is the truth, Wanda! I can trust my dog’s opinions on people more than I can trust my own! And with the service dogs, I am able to live alone without having to have people with me all of the time. I enjoy my time alone and my dogs make that possible! And they are really great for protection as well, even the service dogs that I have!
  • Terry FordMcgranor, will you just STFU!
  •  Wesley Mcgranor Mr. Ford, the dog will not help promote, nor prevent the degeneracy of the West. With such a degeneracy, comes those that claim they will generate a standard lost to a promiscuous social condition. I find it interesting, that a dogs life is worth more then the life of a Mohammedan. In the Mid-east you seek to set the dog free, at the expense of a culture that wants them chained, if not present at all. If they want to keep the dog chained; it certainly is not a denial of your humanity…or is it? http://westbrinkofdeath.wordpress.com/category/photo-gallery
  • Terry FordHey Mcgranor, pig shit is worth more then any muslims life.
  • Wanda J CallowayGentlemen.. Gentlemen…. Gentlemen … Please……….
  • Teresa Daugherty EastonThere needs to be the equivalent of the ‘Boston tea Party dumping’ tho not tea, Pork, dump pork all over that ‘park’ then the Muslims can stop complaining and let them go elsewhere.
  • Mary CourtneyGood thinking, Teresa! Of course, if you dump the pork the dogs will come running! LOL!
  • Teresa Daugherty EastonMuslims also wont use the park due to it being ‘defiled’ lol hey what can I say, its CanaDUH of all places, they’ve capitulated to the homosexuals and now to the Muslims, what next?
  • Mary CourtneyIt is their problem. I’m sure that the citizens are already sorry that it ever happened at least with the muslims! The next thing for us to worry about will be the muslims border jumping to get to the USA! And that will happen if it’s not already happening!
  • Mr. Ford, a Christian may fight for Christ, but he also fights against other religions. Although most do not fight; and those that you are referring to, may be using a religion as an ulterior motive.  A Protestant has no reason to join a Christian one-worldism with Catholics and Jews, because the Mohammedan is coming. The Mohammedan has been here for quite some time. Go back to church, have children and get off the dope; then you will successfully deter a Mohammedan…Or perhaps even a ‘Christian’ Arab or Oriental. Lets sight ethnic and cultural concerns and not masquerade such. Your rally cry might be a neoconservative scam mixed with dispensationalist, or dual covenant theology. Then throw in some inclusive/exclusive Deist ethic to this once popular, now waning so-called American cause.
  • Mary CourtneyS Wesley Mcgranor, I have to ask you a question. Are you a muslim?
  • S Wesley McgranorI am a devout Protestant; and i am not naive. I am also an enemy of the postmodern West; one of those types that are popularly thought to be long dead.
  • Mary CourtneyAre you a Christian?
  • S Wesley McgranorI would rather question your Christianity, or another ones on here.
  • Mary CourtneyGo ahead and question me all you want. i
  • S Wesley McgranorNo ma’am. The conversation clearly shows itself.
  • Mary CourtneyGood enough for me! Christ reigns again!
    Continued in Private Messages:
    • Conversation started today
    • S Wesley Mcgranor

      He will reign upon this great deist and secular idol that has been a hindrance of Protestant governance for 237 years. Claiming a global role to play, in establishing its ideals. Ideals that are rather Free Masonic. Disguised as the hope and revelation of God, the churches catering to the myth of America will fall to it. Eat oh satan, and send those consumed to either Israel or Rome; because they surely have no Christian Nation to find refuge in.

    • Mary Courtney

      Why don’t you explain this to me instead:

      S Wesley Mcgranor

      June 26.

      Goi Maalik, the sooner the better this Country and Western hemisphere is destroyed by your cause–the better. Then we can start again.


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      S Wesley Mcgranor Then come and get it. A vast majority of sheer death disguised as End of Days glory — awaits.

      June 26 at 10:31pm · Edited..

      Abuw Mu’haarib We have to liberate the five strongholds – khurasaan, Iraaq, Shaam (Levant), Mi’sr (Egypt) and Yemen- from Democracy’s evil grip first before ALLAAH will allow the 2nd phase to proceeds.

      June 26 at 11:31pm via mobile..

      S Wesley Mcgranor Godspeed.

      June 26 at 11:55pm..

      Abuw Mu’haarib Amiyn.

      June 26 at 11:58pm via mobile

    • S Wesley Mcgranor

      You are asking for it. If you post that and more then you should go through with it; including my correspondence. Such could be a shocking epiphany for those that claim to be something that they are not.

      I specifically state that i want no copying and pasting of my prose. You should refer to that post and accompanied conversation by link only.

    • Mary Courtney

      State what you want, if you do not want it copied by individuals then you better make your wall private. I didn’t see any statement and cannot be held liable. Are you ashamed of being muslim and a muslim extremist at that??? I’m not ashamed of being a Christian or a Conservative Christian for that matter.

    • S Wesley Mcgranor

      It is not a matter of any law,but of my request. You see Madam Courtney, you are neither Christian, nor conservative. But a deceptive form of American interference; a deistic and judaic element is your piety–with a fantastic patriotism– disguised as duty for Christ. It is those before you that honor the West; you and others know no better–then to mock.

    • Mary Courtney

      I do not grant requests to liars or to muslim extremists. You are not going to change my mind. Christians are not perfect but they are forgiven and get to eat pork and own dogs for pleasure.

    • S Wesley Mcgranor

      A heathen can also eat pork, shellfish, and chicken. The dog is not part of the Christian pantheon.

      Here is the link to my copy and pasted quote: https://www.facebook.com/swesley.mcgranor/posts/520764101326553?viewas=100000686899395

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Catholics Need Prayer; to Consume the Faith of Others

(A Message from Facebook)

Krupanandam Nadupuri

  • Conversation started Sunday
  • 2:11am

    Krupanandam Nadupuri


    “my help comes from the lord”

    psalms 121;2

    hi brother

    praise the lord

    myself krupanandam from India

    plz pray 4 me,

    & i need ur support

  • Today
  • 1:01am

    S Wesley Mcgranor


    Are you, or were you — Catholic?

  • 1:08am

    Krupanandam Nadupuri


    I m catholic.

    i m from India

    I had a vision that i have 2 continue in god service in the way of music,

    i need 2 play the musical instrument ( Roland spd -30).

    2 do the service & glorify our almighty god.

    i need ur support in buying that instrument.

    plz encourage me

  • Today
  • 11:22am

    S Wesley Mcgranor


    I know God will send you to hell; for your baptism in the Antichrist. There is no way to change that course. God has marked your soul with Satan.

  • 11:34am

    Krupanandam Nadupuri



    i need ur support in buying that musical instrument.

    * help me as much as you can *

    plz help me

  • 11:36am

    S Wesley Mcgranor


    Flesh is grace; you God forsaken, piece of dung.

  • 11:37am

    Krupanandam Nadupuri



    I think

    u don’t like help with me !

    Now i m in poor position ,

    that y i ask ur help ?


    u don’t like help with me ?


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